Fantastic 5: MA, NY, NC, SC, FL

Fantastic 5 is a regular post featuring my reviews of five thrift and/or consignment stores all over the US! I’ve visited each and every one, and I’m excited to share my thoughts (and steals) with fellow thrifters. If you’ve been to any of the stores I mention, please do leave a comment and I’ll be happy to add your experiences to the index! Here are today’s 5.

1. Second Time Around on 176 Newbury St in Boston, MA

STA is one of my favorite stores on Newbury, for sure. Most recently, I found a purple Banana Republic cardigan for $7.50.

2. Crossroads Trading Co in Brooklyn, NY

Stumbled across this place on my way to Beacon’s Closet and tumbled out hours later with an armload of clothing and shoes. Wallet: $40 lighter. It carries everything: Anthropologie, H&M, Jeffrey Campbell, Banana Republic, UO, Free People, Kenzie, Diesel, and more. I can’t wait to go back with more time, money, and energy. This place leaves Buffalo Exchange in the dust–and the one on 26th is quite nice! Favorite buy: a beautiful UO landscape print cardigan with the tags on. They also have a 7 day return policy but I definitely will not be returning anything!!

3. Goodwill on 86 South Tunnel Road in Asheville, NC

It’s a small store but they have a really decent selection – lots of J. Crew, Banana Republic and Gap. I found a Marc by Marc Jacobs top, a theory top and a really nice pair of skinny Gap khakis at $3.75 each. Can’t beat that!

4. Southern Belle Epoque in Summerville, SC

Screen Shot 2014-04-26 at 10.06.01 PM

Good mix of brands from Ann Taylor to Nanette Lepore, but the styles tend to lean towards the older crowd so I rarely find anything. My mom has great luck here though and they have excellent sales! Other brands that I spotted include Lilly Pulitzer, luxury handbags from Prada, Gucci, Michael Kors, etc., French Connection, J. Crew, and St. John. The prices are pretty reasonable as well.

5. Red Balloon Consignment Shop in Wellington, FL

Picked up some nice Banana Republic cardigans and tops, all for under $30. They had a lot of really nice designer pieces too!


Brand Spotlight: C. Wonder

right size

C. Wonder is the perfect “Saturday morning” brand – sunny, colorful and bright at every turn, with fun patterns and shapes prevalent throughout every collection. Sometimes the whimsy is a little overwhelming for me, but there are pieces here and there that I just love. The clothing is cut nicely and everything the brand makes everything from sandals to silverware at decent quality without the ridiculous price tag!

Here are my favorites:

Magazine Faves

right size

Confession: I’m a magazine addict. I’m not talking buy-a-few-magazines-from-the-newsstand-addict, I’m talking I-have-ten-subscriptions addict. Fashion, entertainment, food, I’m there. I’ve got a binder full of my favorite covers (my walls may or may not be plastered as well). My second secret is that I get most of my subscriptions for free or at least for about $5 a year!

I accomplish this my managing my subscriptions through and Not only is it easier to see all your subs in one place, they offer a way better rate than those tear-out cards. I usually wait until sends me a $5 or $7 off gift card for their site and combined with their great sales I can usually get a sub for a few dollars or less. I also use eBates for cash back.


Below are my favorite magazines:

Glamour is one of the only magazines I read cover-to-cover. I love the editorials, the lifestyle stories, the Dos and Dont’s…everything, really!

I love pop culture and EW is a staple in my life. I trust their book and movie reviews and I really enjoy the First Look features that they do about upcoming films and shows. The Bullseye is another one of my favorite sections!

InStyle is great for cultivating your wardrobe. They sometimes include a helpful insert on how to mix and match different colors, and I always feel a bit inspired when reading it.

What are your favorite magazines?



Spring Break Haul

right size

I apologize for the lack of posts this week! I went on vacation to Charleston, SC  to visit family and Asheville, NC for about a week and was busy, you know, eating and instagramming. I regret nothing.

As usual, I bought way too much stuff at both thrift and retail stores. I found some deals that are too good not to brag about!

First we hit up the Tanger Outlets in Charleston. I bought this pair of floral ballet flats from J. Crew Factory for $23. Not bad since they’re still on the website for around $50! I love that J. Crew always stacks my student discount on top of whatever sale they’re running. In this case, it was my discount plus the storewide 25% off plus the extra 40% off clearance!

Factory Anya Printed Ballet Flats

My cousin received some awesome hand-me-downs from her friend and passed this like-new Vince sweater on to me. It drapes so nicely and is thin enough to layer. I love it!

Vince Stripe Sweater, sold out

The next day we hit up TJ Maxx. I bought a pair of blue Tahari sleep shorts for $6 and a pair of DKNY Jeans for $19:

DKNY Jeans in SoHo Skinny, $50

We went to a thrift store near my cousin’s house and the selection was pretty overwhelming though I did find a Reaction Kenneth Cole top ($6) with the tags still on and a Prabal Gurung for Target tank ($4).

Scoop Neck Tank Top in Meet The Parents Print, sold out

We had a lovely time in Charleston overall, including an excellent dinner at Husk and taking a harbor boat tour. We  then drove up to Asheville, NC to see the Biltmore Estate. Asheville is equal parts quaint and modern. The town is split in such a way that the Biltmore Village has charming tudor-style architecture and the downtown is full of stylish stores and bistros. More importantly, there’s a J. Crew distribution center only a short ways out of town and I went more than a little crazy:

This super-clearance store carries women’s, men’s, crewcuts, J. Crew factory, collection and Madewell. The shoes aren’t a great deal in my opinion at $70 a pair and most with scuffed heels, but most pants and sweaters were priced at 20-30 dollars and are new with tags which is awesome. They had a great variety of just about everything from swimwear to the St. James shirts and most of the items were from spring 2014 (so basically this season) and didn’t date back farther than a year ago. I ended up with a pair of black Pixie Pants for $20, black Minnie Pants for $20, a black leather Madewell clutch for $24 and a gray 3-qtr sleeve tee for $10. Then it was an extra 25% off the whole store which stacked with my student discount, so with tax it was a little over $60 for everything.

Pixie Pant, $98

Minnie Pant in Stretch Twill, $89.50 (30% off with code BIGSALE)

The Friday Clutch, $128

Drapey Elbow-Sleeve Tee in Heather Gray, $14.99

Meanwhile, I won a pair of classic black polarized Ray-Bans on eBay for $80. These will replace my old ones, which I shattered the left lens of when I dropped it on the pavement by accident : P I like the polarized lenses for extra protection.

Ray-Ban Classic Polarized Wayfarer Sunglasses, $200

In Asheville we were able to hit up one of the Goodwills. I found a pair of Gap skinny khakis that fit really nicely as well as a Marc by Marc Jacobs tee and a pink theory button-down top. The damage was $3.75 per item.

Broken-in Straight Khakis in Oak Tree, $50

It was a successful trip to say the least!


Fantastic 5: PA, CA, VA, NY, MA

Fantastic 5 is a regular post featuring my reviews of five thrift and/or consignment stores all over the US! I’ve visited each and every one, and I’m excited to share my thoughts (and steals) with fellow thrifters. If you’ve been to any of the stores I mention, please do leave a comment and I’ll be happy to add your experiences to the index! Here are today’s 5.

1. Buffalo Exchange in Philadelphia, PA

Found this supersoft olive green colored Ella Moss blouse for $17. Don’t forget the Second Time Around across the street!

2. Pick of the Litter Thrift & Gift Shop in Santa Rosa, CA

Got a J. Crew top for $2 and some fashion magazines for $0.25. This store benefits the Forgotten Felines of Sonoma County program. Save the kitties!

3. Double Take Consignment in Virginia Beach, VA

I picked up a really nice brown chiffon dress for $19. The saleswoman was very helpful and nice, too!

4. The Salvation Army in New Paltz, NY

I never fail to leave this place without something awesome. Most recently, I made off with a black silk-lined Zara blazer for $6.

5. Second Time Around in Needham, MA

The staff at this location is amazing! I don’t always leave with a purchase, but I’ve had enough great experiences to keep coming back. This store in particular is memorable for me because I once found a pair of Splendid sweats that I really liked, but they had a Sharpie stain on the bottom. I asked for a discount and the cashier gave them to me for free!


Bulletin Board

right size

Hooray, a new column! This series of posts will focus on the non-thrift-related things/topics on my mind this week. Sometimes a visual representation is literally pinned on the bulletin board on my dorm room desk. The items on the list below are sometimes random and occasionally a borderline obsession. Whether a physical or Pinterest board or just a half-thought-out dream, I’d love to hear what’s on yours, too!

Without further ado, here’s what’s on my bulletin board this week…

1. Kate Spade’s Spring 2014 Campaigns

I’ve been excitedly clipping these out of magazines for my style binder. What’s not to love about the tagline “there can only be things to love in a country shaped like a shoe”? Four for you, Kate Spade. Above are my two favorites and I am completely in love with that white embroidered dress and those mint green flats.

2. Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens

I’m reading this right now. It’s a little slow-going since I don’t have a lot of time for leisure reading, but Dickens is a thoroughly amusing author. I was in Oliver! The Musical when I was ten and have been meaning to read the novel ever since. It’s really rather different and I’m enjoying the ride so far. I definitely recommend you sign up for Goodreads if you haven’t already – it’s a great way to keep track of what you’re reading, create a to-read list, and rate books you have already read if you so desire. My username is gab_the_bomb; I’d love to be friends!

3. Benefit It’s Potent! Eye Cream

Sephora is currently having their site and storewide 15% off sale, yippee! I bought this eye cream since I’m always looking to shrink those under eye bags and shadows. Let’s hope this one works – I love Benefit products but I’ve yet to find a great cream for that tricky area. Sigh.

4. Clementines

I’m never not a fan of citrus fruits, but I’ve been obsessed with clementines lately. These are so easy to eat on the go and I can get a huge bag of them for only a few dollars at Aldi. The vitamin C is sometimes just what I need in the late afternoon.

5. Saturday Night Live

This isn’t a new favorite of mine – I even did the standby line for the season premiere this year – but Anna Kendrick hosted this past Saturday and I absolutely adore her, so I actually tuned in live for the first time since the Christmas episode with Jimmy Fallon last December. She did an amazing job! I especially loved the monologue (they changed the words to “Belle” from Beauty and the Beast) and the Little Mermaid sketch (also more singing).

What’s on your bulletin board?